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Industrial Design for your house!

The word “Industrial” elicits many descriptors; functional, mercantile, pro, productional, and professional. How do these words describe a design style?

SCM Design Group industrial kitchen design

Industrial design usually has the element of medal, sometimes an unfinished look, many times primitive. This design began in loft apartments and has moved into homes. It is a very stylish way of showcasing something very simple into a focal point that will be talked about. An example of an industrial light for instance hanging in a laundry room makes a statement, a wow effect, a conversation piece.

SCM Design Group industrial lighting ideas

The colors most associated with the industrial design…grey. Unfinished floors and brick walls often lend themselves to this look.

SCM Design Group industrial kitchen faucet

Industrial design is found in kitchen and bathroom faucets as well, basic, professional, mercantile. a conversation piece. When building or remodeling think outside the box and create something others will talk about.

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