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Awesome Sliding Doors!

Doors in a room usually do not make a statement, they seem to all match throughout the home. How about if you make the door or doors the focal point? Below are some pictures of different styles of sliding doors or more specifically doors on a rail system. These systems turn your room into something unique!

SCM Design Group sliding door leading into bathroom

Pairing these rail systems with a reclaimed wood door makes a dramatic and interesting focal point in this room. Matched with the ceiling, this room takes on an industrial style.

SCM Design Group reclaimed wood sliding door

SCM Design Group hammered copper on white wood sliding door

Using a shaker style espresso door and the use of color makes this room have a peaceful spa feeling. Imagine a plain white 6 panel door…would not have the effect it has with the sliding door.

SCM Design Group

There are many options for the sliding rail system from rustic to contemporary to industrial. Match your system to the look you are working toward in your home.

SCM Design Group modern glass sliding doors

Blythe Strait SCM DESIGN GROUP Two Hughes Landing 1790 Hughes Landing Boulevard - Suite 400 The Woodlands, TX 77380 Office: 281-516-8180 Cell: 214-727-2302 Photo Credit: The Woodlands Remodeling Services SCM Design Group

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