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Golden fever!

Soft Gold a new popular finish

Warm metallic are happily coming back. Not those tacky, cheap, gold frames or colonial brass chandeliers .

Lately, there has been a spike in the popularity of soft colors. Homeowners have fallen in love with colors such as grey and greige (grey plus beige). Soft gold falls right within this spectrum of soft colors that work so well for contemporary / transitional designs to choose for your remodel.

Rich, warm hues showing up to accent a room, cabinets or dining room! Think rich cabinet hardware with gorgeous soft gold finishes, updated Light fixtures in white gold or antiqued gold or a beautiful plumbing fixtures depicting an elegant soft gold finish.

Soft gold falls somewhere in the middle of brushed silver and brushed gold. It borrows the soft matte finish of these two hues while bringing out the warmth and mellowness of gold. This also means that it can blend in with almost any kind of design from modern urban to transitional designs.

Soft gold lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles and designs. For overhead lighting, look for fixtures that accentuate the gold. You can also check for fixtures that complement the soft gold with other soft colors like grey or matte silver.

Use soft gold lighting to attract attention to specific corners or areas. Soft gold will be around for quite a while.

Pablo X Arguello

SCM Design Group

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