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Cement Tiles

SCM Design Group herringbone cement tile

Cement tiles are gaining popularity for the kitchen and bathroom. Laundry rooms are an excellent area to use cement tiles as well. These unique tiles have a look of their own, they look nothing like porcelain or ceramic. Cement tiles can be used for floors and back splashes. There are many online companies that provide an array of tiles to choose from. In most cases, each cement tile is hand made to order. These tiles have 3 layers, the first is a white cement, the second is a mortar made of sand, the third is a high-quality cement. The standard size for cement tiles is 8”x8” and 5/8” thick, but most manufactures will customize to the size you would like. The majority of the companies sell the cement tiles in a 4 tile pattern along with a random pattern.

SCM Design Group custom patterned cement tile

Some pointers to remember when using cement tiles; these tiles are not sealed. Prior to sealing, the installer must clean the tiles with a PH neutral cleaner again for natural stone. You must seal them with a penetrating sealer for natural stone. This sealer should be applied to clean tile prior to grouting. Many installers prefer to seal before installation therefore they are protected during installation. Apply the sealer until the tile does not soak up any more and allow it to cure. When cement tiles are sealed properly you should see water bead on the surface of the tile.

SCM Design Group cement tile design

When grouting cement tiles, most manufacturers suggest an unsanded grout. Grout should be applied in small areas as to not let any grout dry on the actual tile. Typically, lighter grouts work best for cement tiles, as darker ones can cause stains on the tile. It is best to check the manufacturer’s instructions for installation to ensure your cement tiles last for a long time.

SCM Design Group abstract cement tile

Most manufacturer’s suggest sealing the floor (including the grout) one final time. As for maintenance on your cement tile, clean with a neutral detergent. Many of these tile floors will display a patina as the year’s pass.

SCM Design Group honeycomb cement tile

Cement tiles have a timeless quality that display well with traditional and transitional décor. There are also many bold and abstract tiles that fit in well with modern homes. If you have not looked into these marvelous tiles, check them out!! They make a wonderful unique statement.

SCM Design Group cement subway tile

Cement Tiles

Blythe Strait

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