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Some Best Ideas to Decorate Your Bathroom

Home decor items will reflect your aesthetic nature. Like your bedroom and living room, it is equally important for your bathroom and kitchen also. Interior decoration is a part of urban lifestyle. In most parts, a beautiful home is the creation of not only architects, but interior decoration plays an important role in it. Now-a-days, lots of decorative items are found in the market, which needs simple installation. Such items are found along with fixtures, so you just require a plumber to get them installed. Such items are available in different styles and it will make your bathroom lively. Within your bathroom, one can find a set of items for installation including the towel holder, mirror, toilet seats; cabinets, etc.

SCM Design Group modern multi towel bar

SCM Design Group green glass vanity counter

Bathroom is the place where one can have a wide range of items for relaxation. One can experiment with latest unusual designs in the bathroom. An attractive item for bathroom is the spa tubs which most people prefer now- a- days. It is the most relaxing point at your home after a busy and tiring day. They are available in competitive prices with different models. Pedestal types: It is a type of freestanding bath tub unlike other built in tubs, which are surrounded by walls. It has the advantage of fitting anywhere inside the bathroom depending on the availability of space. This is an essential and mostly preferred design.

SCM Design Group free standing spa tub

SCM Design Group freestanding rectangle tub

Drop-in tubs: This type of bathtubs is ideal for smaller bathrooms. They are attached within the floor and are often placed in the corner of a bathroom. This is one of the popular designs for home decor bathroom.

SCM Design Group corner drop-in tub

SCM Design Group modern drop-in tub faucet

Claw foot: The traditional spa tubs are available with curvaceous legs. They can be made of various materials like glass, fiber, iron etc. This system has some demerits. It is expensive and damage is frequent in this type though it is made of strong cast iron. If you are favoring this type of spa tubs, then it is better to go for Acrylic Claw foot Tubs, which are rather lighter and hence easy to move.

SCM Design Group claw foot tub with dark accents

Then if we talk about shower heads, they are also very attractive items of home decor. Water taps in the bathroom are available in eye catching designs. You can find many such matching styles for your bathroom. A hand shower is another element of bathroom decor.

SCM Design Group modern shower setup

SCM Design Group modern rectangle shower head

Then cabinets are a recent addition of home decor items which are often placed in both sides of the mirror.

SCM Design Group dark bathrooom vanity cabinets

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