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Cross illumination with wall sconces for your bathroom.

Looking for something a little different than your run of the mill vanity lights for your master bathroom? Would you like to create some cross illumination at your mirror to assist in your everyday tasks?

SCM Design Group wall sconces with rustic wood

Sconces are moving into the bathroom more and more! They create a great lighting effect to assist your everyday tasks. Having LED canned lighting above and sconces on both sides of the mirrors will create cross illumination. This cross illumination lends itself to great lighting for tasks such as makeup application and shaving.

SCM Design Group elegant led sconces

According to Felisberto Silva, Yale Appliance and Lighting, sconces should be hung 64" from the floor to be at eye level. Of course you should take into account the client's height, anywhere between 60"-70". It is best to chose the sconces after the mirrors have been chosen to ensure they flow with the decor of the room. Most often the sconces match the finish of the rest of the bathrooms' fixtures such as brushed nickel or chrome. Also, it is important when choosing sconces to remember the overall style of the master bathroom.

SCM Design Group modern led long sconces

Adding a new element into a master bathroom creates a new and different look for your bathroom and bonus helps assist in your tasks everyday.

Blythe Strait SCM Design Group SOURCES: TWRS Painting contractors Image credits S.B. Long Interiors Fiorella Design

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