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Amazing Wood Tiles!

SCM Design Group, Blythe Strait Blog In the past couple of years ceramic and porcelain wood tiles have become very popular. These tiles have been available for years but not until recently have they taken off largely due to updated technology in the manufacturing. Today these tiles look like real wood, many times you cannot tell until you touch them. When installing ensuring the grout lines are very tight will create a space that like real wood. These tiles come in an array of styles from rustic to modern which appeals to the consumer.

SCM Design Group rustic wood tile

Of course ceramic and porcelain tile is more durable than wood and can withstand more such as high traffic, pets and even children.

SCM Design Group multi-tone wood tile

Ceramic and porcelain wood tiles remain cool in the hotter months, which is a plus. In the winter months they are quite cold, but many clients opt for radiant heat to combat the cold. These tiles are perfect in bathrooms or for rooms that are off the pool area because they can withstand drops of water.

SCM Design Group wood tile in bathroom

SCM Design Group wood tile in shower

If installed correctly these wood tiles create a clean lined floor. The wood tiles come in various sizes, more than engineered or real hard woods. This lends itself for more creativity in the design of your floors.

SCM Design Group herringbone wood tile in kitchen

Blythe Strait SCM Design Group Photo Credits: TWRS Painting contractors SCM Interiors and Remodeling

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