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Find Your Kitchen’s Focal Point

Considering a remodel? Using a good Designer will help you achieve a kitchen of your dreams. One key detail many homeowners do not consider is your kitchen’s focal point. This area could be behind the cook top, the island, a wall or even an appliance. This is the area of the kitchen where your eye goes first when walking into the space. This area should not be ignored it should be showcased. Your Designer will create something wonderful for the focal point that will make your kitchen remodel pop! Creating a focal point with backsplash behind the cook top with tile adds an exciting layer to the design on your kitchen. Making this area its own with different tiles than the rest of your kitchen creates a focal point.

SCM Design Group transitional kitchen with mixed tile backsplash

An unexpected focal point is shown in the below picture. A unique farm sink steals the show in this kitchen. A designer can find beautiful pieces to incorporate into your new kitchen that will have your friends asking “where did you get that?”

SCM Design Group traditional kitchen with white island

One of the best ways to create a focal piece in your kitchen without changing the footprint, paint your island a different color than the rest of your kitchen. This will highlight the island and make it stand out.

SCM Design Group kitchen focal point

Better yet, paint your island and mix the countertop materials. Making the island counter marble and the rest quartz makes the island the center stage.

SCM Design Group modern kitchen focal point

Finding your kitchen’s focal point and designing around that will create a complete picture, nothing left undone. Blythe Strait Two Hughes Landing 1790 Hughes Landing Boulevard - Suite 400 The Woodlands, TX 77380 Office: 281-516-8180 Cell: 214-727-2302 Photo Credit: The Woodlands Remodeling Services SCM Design Group Crossville Tile Emser Tile

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