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Great Ideas for your Powder Bath

When you have guests in your home are they blown away by the design in your powder bathroom? They should be! Creating a unique room for your guests and family to enjoy is easy! Below are some great ideas to spark your imagination.

A unique sink in your powder can make a nice statement. Deviate from the normal oval sink, find something edgy and unique. This piece can be a show stopper of your powder room paired with a just as unique mirror creates a dramatic effect.

SCM Design Group - Powder room - unique sink

Entire wall as a focal piece. Using tile on one wall will make your guest’s eye move up the wall, thus making a huge focal point and a statement.

SCM Design Group - Powder room - accent wall

Wallpaper! Today’s wallpaper is not your grandmothers! Many of the companies today have very interesting designs and textures; many don’t look like wallpaper at all. Wallpaper in a powder bathroom really makes the room pop!

SCM Design Group - Powder room - best Wallpaper 2016

Mixing patterns in a small scale like a powder bathroom makes very interesting fun design ideas. Below you have the rectangular brick pattern on the walls with the triangular floor. Bringing the modern vanity and toilet makes a fantastic and unique powder bathroom.

SCM Design Group - Unique Powder room -

Hopefully these ideas will ignite some imagination for your powder bathroom. Creating a unique room for your guests shows you want their experience in your home to be a great one!

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