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Mixing Metallic Finishes in your Home


Mixing Metallic Finishes in your Home


When deciding to remodel your home, whether it is one room or many, we get the same question quite often.  “Can I mix metal finishes in my home?”  There seems to be this misconception that since your door knobs or bathroom faucets are brushed nickel you cannot have anything but brushed nickel in every room.  Why?  Is there a medal finish Sheriff out there waiting to write you a ticket?  Think of it this way…would you mix gold and silver for an outfit for the evening?  Yes!  Many jewelers mix silver, bronze and gold why can we not mix them in your home? 


Once you decide on your finishes layer them so not to focus on just one.  In the below picture black and gold appliances, copper pots and brass pendants warm up this otherwise white kitchen.  These warm toned metals work well with the wood floors.


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