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Abstract Glass tile, Backsplash redefined !


Backsplash redefined!


Are you tired of the run of the mill backsplash, subway tile, 1 by 1 mosaics…Tile manufactures are branching out to create different, edgy, out of the box materials worth looking at.


Crossville has brought one of the best selections to the consumer market that is unique.  The line is called Sideview Glass and comes in 4 colors: gold, silver, copper, and tungsten


Abstract squares and rectangles in glass put a new modern spin on backsplash.  This material also works for transitional styles as well. 


Emser has come out with the Vista and the Imagine lines.  Beautiful cuts of glass in abstract patterns.  Both come in an array of colors to accent your bathroom or kitchen.


All these lines come in various shapes such as linear or mosaic which compliment clean large tiles in coordinating colors.



Blythe Strait

SCM Design Group


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