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Kitchen sinks, one vs. two bowl dilemma!

Kitchen sinks come in many materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, natural stone, copper, concrete and manufactured stone. Once you have chosen your material, your next choice is how many bowls you would like.

SCM Design Group stainless steel kitchen sink

Thus the one vs. two bowl dilemma!

There are many pros and cons of each and with a little research you can find which fits your lifestyle best. Two Bowls are best for those that do a lot of hand dishwashing. Many people fill one side up with water, add soap and wash dishes, using the other side to rinse. This would be a must if you do not use the dishwasher. One downfall of the two bowl sink is that it does not fit large pots and pans. Many fans of the two bowls have known nothing other, grew up with two bowls and now have the same.

SCM Design Group stainless steel two bowl sink

One bowl sinks are best for those that use the dishwasher to it’s fullest. The large bowl makes cleaning large pots and pans a breeze. Gone are the days of maneuvering pots under the faucet to get them rinsed. Coupled with a pull down faucet hand washing is easy. One con, if you need to soak anything you will have to use a large amount of water to fill up the bowl. The fix for that…use a large bowl or container in your sink.

SCM Design Group large dark single bowl sink

While writing this I polled my friends and family. What I found is those that have moved from a two bowl to one will never go back. They love that the large sink can house all the large cookware instead of the counter. There are some die hard two bowlers out there that will not change, they love the ability to fill up one side leaving the other side free. Either way you chose to have your sink, one bowl or two make sure it fits your lifestyle.

SCM Design Group stainless steel double bowl sink

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