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Quartz vs. Quartzite

SCM Design Group, Quartz vs. Quartzite New countertops come in many materials; two of these bring many to some confusion, quartz and quartzite. Basically, quartzite is a natural material and quartz is fabricated using quartz and man made synthetic materials.

Quartz can be classified as a crystalline rock whereas quartzite can be classified as metamorphic, formed from sandstone and quartz under a lot of pressure and heat. This rock begins as a raw natural material of which resins and binding agents are added.

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In terms of color, the two have different colors. Quartz comes in different colors including white, smoky yellow, rose, violet, yellow, opaque and brown. Quartz is more common since it is found in more areas than quartzite. Quartz is found in large quantities in the Alps, Madagascar, Brazil, Japan, New York and Arkansas.

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Pure Quartzite comes in snowy white or gray color. Quartzite is largely found in the Appalachian Mountains, Texas, Utah and Minnesota.

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Both materials are hard and easy to clean. Both stones hard but are prone to scratches and should be protected with cutting boards, although quartzite is a bit harder. If the look of natural stone is what you are after then quartzite is for you. If you need more color options then quartz is the material for you.

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