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The newest innovations and appliance designs for your kitchen.

Whether you’re in the market for a new appliance or are considering a complete kitchen renovation, here is a sampling of some of the most exciting things for 2016.

From a taste for the retro look to the latest in smart technology and cooking innovations, the newest innovations and appliance designs for your kitchen.

Colorado-based appliance company Big Chill is known for its retro styling and vivid colors. Since making a plash with their colorful refrigerators in 2001, Big Chill has introduced a full line of appliances available in hundreds of eye-popping custom colors. This ivy green model is their latest release.

SCM Design Group Big Chill ivy green stove

SCM Design Group Big Chill yellow dishwasher

Asian food enthusiasts can now have a hibachi dinner at home on their own teppanyaki cook top from Wolf. The home-sized cooking surface comes with a cover and digital controls.

SCM Design Group tappanyaki cooktop

ILVE is has been a popular high-end brand in Europe since the 1950’s and is now becoming more widely uses in the United States. It is the only manufacturer of fully custom made ranges. Each one produced is for a specific customer, made to their specifications, down to the burnt configuration, exterior color and metal finishes.

SCM Design Group custom made italian ranges

SCM Design Group custom cobalt blue range

If you’re not familiar with the AGA cooker, the original appliance hit the market in 1929 as a heat storage stove and cooker. Made from cast iron components, it could absorb heat from a low and slow burning heat source, like coal. Over time, as fuel sources and kitchens changed the band evolved to the current model, which still has a cast iron face, doors and top, but an interior made of porcelain, and powered by the latest technologies, like dual fuel options.

The colored exterior surface — available in 15 colors — is a vitreous enamel, which is still created using century-old artisan methods by skilled craftspeople.

SCM Design Group custom AGA Cooker

A strong kitchen trend in 2016 is the “secret kitchen” where everything is hidden behind a sleek exterior, like this one by Miele. A minimum of knobs and handles contributes to the smooth look. For example, the flat, handle-less dishwasher opens when you knock twice.

Smooth, easy to clean induction cooktops have a digital display, eliminating the knobs, which can be an annoyance at cleaning time.

SCM Design Group custom sleek miele appliances

SCM Design Group modern kitchen appliances

SCM Design Group sleek appliances in modern kitchen

Along with the secret, or sleek kitchen trend come lower profile range hoods. For many years the chef’s kitchen, and it’s focal point range hood, were all the range. Now, consumers can get just as much ventilation power in a much smaller hood. This one by Zephyr is called the Incline Arc, which has a tri-level LED light strip and a wireless remote control.

The Layers Arc wall hood is a black or white glass and stainless steel hood. The floating effect comes from lithe that are sandwiched together. And oh yes, the light can change color.

SCM Design Group clean white kitchen with low range hood

SCM Design Group hood over island range

SCM Design Group modern range over abstract backsplash

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