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Modern Bathroom Design Trends

Modern Bathrooms and their Qualities

There is no single template / model that is followed to create a modern bathroom. Modern bathrooms take a piece from the pages of Minimalist bathroom designs which place a clear emphasis on simplicity and sharp lines.

Modern bathrooms typically employ black and white ploys, however, "a wide range of colors has been seen in contemporary designs more recently". Source: American Society of interior designers

There is a difference between modern and contemporary. Modern bathrooms are commonly found with open space designs that create airy and spacious feel.

Normally I wanted to create short list of maybe five to ten of our modern bath designsthese layouts they have "the wow effect". The creativity, thoughtfulness, and the resulting display is powerful. Modern bathrooms can draw out undeniable emotions that leave you inclined to feel a special way.

Modern bathrooms are characterized with a sense of serenity that leaves quite an impression. "Modern bathroom designs are characteristically simple, tending to shy away from ornate decorations and accents". Source: TWRS Painting Co.

"The shift towards a new style of architecture and design began in the early 19th century. Modern design marked a shift away from traditional decor that was often hand-crafted and intricately detailed". Source: American Society of interior designers.

SCM Design Group modern spa style bathroom
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